The next generation tool for systematic reviews

Laser AI is a computer system that synthesizes available knowledge about a given health problem continuously and with minimal human involvement accelerating the research and improving its quality.

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How does it work?

Laser AI is the only tool that addresses the full cycle of systematic review development, including search strategy creation and monitoring.

It also takes a novel approach to the definition of inclusion and exclusion criteria by providing a formalized framework that can be utilized by the AI to improve its performance.


The Monitor performs periodic execution of the search strategy on all available and accessible data sources.


The Screener supports screening of references in a semi-automated and fully transparent manner.


The Extractor automatically converts unstructured data into a fully structured form (data extraction form).

Search Assistant

The Search Assistant helps with the creation and continuous monitoring of the search strategies.


The situation of the COVID-19 pandemic amplifies both the needs and challenges of evidence-based decision making. On the one hand, we see an explosion of published research, which makes it difficult to find all relevant studies. On the other, these studies are of mixed quality, which leads to misinformation.

Laser AI helps public officials, doctors, and the industry navigate the waters of uncertainty by providing a tool that enables them to find and synthesize the best available evidence in a continuous fashion.

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