Is ChatGPT going to replace Systematic Review tools?
How safe is your data - updates on security and the SOC-2 certification.

During the presentation, we will explore why alternative approaches to ChatGPT should be used in evidence synthesis. Next, our team will discuss how Laser AI keeps your data safe, and we will give an update on the new milestone reached by Evidence Prime.

What's new in LaserAI - Spring Realease
Recent developments and roadmap for 2023

During the webinar you will learn about the latest advancements in LaserAI, updates on the platform’s upcoming features and changes in user interface, and you will see an overview of LaserAI’s roadmap for 2023.

Screening - Can we do it better?
How to improve the screening quality in LaserAI.

During webinar, you will learn practical information about best practices in title abstract screening - creating screening guide and its validation during calibration exercise, and how LaserAI can support the screening process.

Literature reviews: Wanted alive

Next webinar hosted by Evidence Prime! During the presentation, you learn about what living reviews are and why we need them. Next, our team discusses how Laser AI supports the creation of living literature reviews.

Laser AI - the secrets of automation of data extraction

During the presentation, we update you about the security of Laser AI and explain what FedRAMP authorization is and how we got it. Next, we reveal some of the secrets of automation of data extraction during the DEMO of the Laser AI-based Dextr tool.

Laser AI - the new generation tool for systematic reviews

During the presentation, you learn about the tool from the user's perspective, the different parts of the system, and how they align with the processes of managing and performing screening. We showcase the main features related to project management and the final results for screeners.

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Laser AI - an enterprise ready solution for literature reviews

During the webinar, we focus on our other product - Laser AI - the new generation tool for living systematic literature reviews. First, we  explain how Lasar AI is a solution, not just a tool, and how it can increase efficiency for organizations with custom workflows or many team members.

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Artificial Intelligence in Evidence-Based Medicine: What to expect?

The webinar’s overarching theme was how AI can help with the challenges faced by the Evidence-Based Medicine community. We presented the evaluation of the tool for the data extraction: Dextr, and demonstrated the current status and upcoming features of Laser AI, which is the next-generation tool for creating living literature reviews.

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