Literature reviews made faster,
the way you want them

AI-powered Data Extraction

AI-powered data extraction which works

Living Reviews ready

Conduct living reviews, handle updates with ease

Quality Assurance

Verify correctness of your review with the AI-powered Quality Assurance


Follows the most stringent methodology – trusted by leading government and academic institutions

Organization centric

Organize and reuse data across your organization with the help of controlled vocabularies and the data cleaning module

Customer Support

We roll out the red carpet for you. Our systematic review team is here to help.

Laser AI supports living systematic reviews from start to end by:

  • AI-powered screening
  • Flexible workflows
  • Pilot Screening
  • References list with search & filters
  • Screening instruction tempates
  • Automatic conflict resolution
  • Focus Mode with customizable highlighting
Full-text retrieval and screening
  • Workflow for full-text retrieval
  • Batch PDF upload
  • Integrated PDF viewer
  • Integrated study registry browser
Data extraction
  • AI-powered extraction suggestions
  • Data Cleaning Module
  • Controlled Vocabularies
  • Audit Trail
  • PRISMA Diagram
Project Management
  • Customizable project stages
  • Adjustable task distribution
  • Group projects in folders
  • Customizable user roles

is a next-generation software solution that offers advanced security features, seamless interoperability, unparalleled flexibility,
and an intuitive interface that empowers users to
effortlessly interact with AI models.


Laser AI accelerates living systematic reviews using AI-powered processes which follow the most stringent methodology.

Laser AI can integrate existing machine learning models.

Laser AI can be integrated with your existing tool via APIs.

You can easily import controlled vocabularies and terminologies into Laser AI.

Data exported to CSV, JSON or RDF formats can be used to build knowledge graphs.

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We understand that your process is unique. That is why Laser AI is designed to adapt to your workflow, not the other way around.

Laser AI allows you to seamlessly progress from Preliminary Screening to Title and Abstract Screening, Full Text Screening, and finally Data Extraction. You can streamline your entire literature review process using a single solution, Laser AI.

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Ergonomic User Interface

Our intuitive design offers a seamless experience which can be easily controlled from your keyboard.

Customize and tailor the interface to your preferences.

We continuously conduct usability tests of Laser Al to ensure the interface remains accessible and easy to use. Our goal is to provide you with an interface that makes your work effortless and productive.

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Data Security

Security is our top priority.

We have introduced over 30 security policies and Laser AI undergoes regular security audits under FedRAMP, SOC-2 and ISO-27001 certifications.

All our employees are security-trained. Our processes and tools are tested by an external security and compliance auditor. 

Our solutions are hosted on Azure Commercial Cloud in the US or in Europe, depending on customers' requirements. We follow the US Government's FedRAMP Moderate Blueprint for compliance validation.

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Laser AI functionality coming soon:

Data extraction at the full-text screening stage (top-level extraction)

Organization-wide reference library

Search across the whole library (including PDF texts)

Deduplication and studyfication (linking multiple reports of the same study)

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