Screening - Can we do it better?
How to improve the screening quality in LaserAI

January 31, 2022

Our first webinar of the Screening Series, hosted by Evidence Prime took place on January 31st at 17:00 CEST.


The last Laser AI series webinar was about Living Systematic Reviews. You can read more about this topic here and watch our webinar here.

This time we present how to support the screening process in the Systematic Reviews and how we can do it with LaserAI.

A significant task of a Systematic Review is identifying studies eligible for a review. One of the most crucial elements of it is abstract screening, which actively eliminates irrelevant studies. In our webinar, you will learn practical information about best practices methods in title abstract screening - creating a screening guide and its validation during the calibration exercise. What's more, our team will discuss how LaserAI can support you in the screening process.

You can read an introduction to the topic in our Blog - "Screening - just do it!" and watch our webinar to dive deeper into the subject. 


Ewelina Sadowska, MSc
Evidence Synthesis Specialist

Evidence Synthesis Specialist at Evidence Prime. She is responsible for testing new solutions in Laser AI and conducting evidence synthesis research.

Ewa Borowiack, MSc
Evidence Synthesis Specialist

Evidence Synthesis Specialist with 15 years of experience in conducting HTA reports, systematic reviews, and targeted literature reviews. At Evidence Prime, she provides methodological knowledge to the designers and the software development team.

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